TOP 50 HR Interview Questions And Answers

HR Interview Questions And Answers: The selection process, especially in India, includes the following rounds.


  • A written exam
  • A group discussion
  • Personal interview with a panel
  • Technical / role-specific interview (sometimes can take place before the personal interview)
  • HR interview

Once the first four rounds are completed, your HR round will be displayed. As a candidate, you are here to give a short introduction, to answer a few interview questions with Human Resources about your position or career, and finally to discuss salary, benefits, and deductions. Company rules and regulations, conditions, etc. with the person of human resources.

Being nervous is completely human, but how do you ensure that the answers you want to give are intelligent enough and lead to selection? To help you, we’ve put together some of the most frequently asked HR Interview Questions And Answers (with multiple versions). You can also view a specific list of interview questions and answers for undergraduate students.

Thoroughly search this blog to prepare for the HR Interview Questions And Answers

Note: Make sure you have relevant skills and certifications, if available.

50 HR Interview Questions And Answers

Q1. Just tell me something about yourself?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions in an interview with the HR team. Your answer should be short, tidy and relevant.

Here are some meaningful answers that will help you make a good impression.

Possible answer no. 1:

“Thank you, sir/madam, for this opportunity, I come from the city of XYZ and belong to a nuclear family, my father is a central government employee, and my mother is a deputy headmistress at a private school. We are a very united family, on an individual level I consider myself a confident, conscientious and hard-working person, I fulfill all the tasks entrusted to me without hesitation, provided the instructions are clear, in case of doubt I do not hesitate, the questions I have always learned quickly and I am eager to learn more in order to find better ways to solve problems, and I also like to compete with my previous achievements compared to my colleagues, because I believe that improvements are always better as perfection! “

Do not make the mistake of sharing too much personal information in the HR Interview Questions And Answers. You will not have enough time to sell your experience and relevant technical skills.

Q.2. Describe who you are. Or tell me about your experience.

During a leadership assignment, you’ll surely come across this question on all the other HR interview questions and answers you receive, and I’m sure you’ll treat them as the simplest question. Well, that’s not it! Never underestimate the ability to score better with a clear answer if you feel safe. It can become a factor in change for candidates with less than 5 years of work experience.

If your degree obviously relates to the job you’re interviewing for, you can give that answer.

Possible answer no. 1:

“I’m a B. Tech in Computer Science / B. Com in Economics, and I also have an MBA or Digital Marketing Certification course from the ABC Academy. What else do you want to know?

If your degree is not as relevant as it should have been, but you feel that you have the potential to succeed, you can give that answer. This is a useful tip for the questions and answers of the HR interview.

Q.3. What are your strengths and weaknesses?

This is a very common question that HR employees ask applicants. Remember, interviewers today are almost never impressed by the flowery responses. So be careful when tackling this problem.

Possible answer:

“I am a perfectionist and that is my main weakness, which is also my strength.”

Q.4. You have not completed your PG yet. This is not a disadvantage, but Don’t you think you should complete a PG degree as soon as possible?

Other variants of this question are:

Would you like to get your Master / Post degree in the near future?

Would you like to complete a higher education?

Do not fall into the trap of the interviewer. This question is for you to check your level of confidence. So do not feel disarmed and do not look surprised. Stay calm and respond intelligently with a strong and indestructible logic.

Possible answer no. 1:

“After graduation, I felt the need to work in the real world, it’s not that I’m a beginner, I did 3 internships, 2 of which were paid by respected organizations, and this title helped me make an offer I sometimes wonder if I should have graduated first, if that had been the case, I would not have been able to develop my entire portfolio, I hope that my track record will help me in that position.”

Q.5. You’ve already changed/skipped the job too often, why?

This question is only asked professionals who have changed jobs more than twice in their careers. First semester students can continue with the next question.

Possible answer no. 1:

“One could call me a ‘frequent career change’, but I feel really better today as an employee, and my transformation has allowed me to develop better interpersonal skills, learn a variety of skills, and adapt to rapidly changing business environments and solve it more creatively because I’ve learned to live with ambiguity and insecurity, my first job helped me develop patience, my second job helped me master spreadsheets and numbers, and my third job enabled me to have better interpersonal skills, In the end, I feel I’m an ideal candidate for this position. “

Q.6. What are your strengths?

Do not just talk about your strengths, your interviewer really wants to know your strong points.

Possible answer no. 1:

“I’m passionate about my job and also a good listener, which means I take my instructions seriously, I’m not a person who leaves things halfway, I never lose focus even when I’m stressed out or have tough appointments I like doing everything in my to-do list completely Optimism, energy, and my ability to learn quickly have enabled me to solve problems quickly, and I also have good communication skills, which means I will be with them in the future Being able to handle my company’s clients as well as my internal team members fairly well, I know from my abilities, skills, and experience that I would be a great asset to the team. “

Q.7. What is your biggest fear?

Remember, this is a stress test question.

It does not just talk about your weaknesses, your interviewer sincerely wants you to talk about your loopholes! Try to resist the urge to give him more points to refuse you. Answer diplomatically.

Possible answer no. 1:

“Since I’ve never worked in my life and this is just my first job, my lack of experience is my weakness, but I disagree, I study quickly and I’m very open-minded, I make sure I have no preconceived ideas about it I have to do my job.”

Q.8. If I now call your current or previous report manager, what’s your opinion of you? What do you have to work on?

New students without internship experience can go to the next question to prepare the questions and answers for the personal interview.

Possible answer no. 1:

“I used to be nervous when I talked to big groups, you can say I was scared of the scene and I think I still do it, partly because I’m naturally shy. My current manager might call this one of my weaknesses, and he actually helped me overcome my shyness, thanks to him I’m an active member of Toastmasters International today, and my journey with them has been great! I work on improving my speech and leadership skills, and I’m sure my future employer will see an obvious change in me. “

Q.9. Do you have serious medical problems?

Note: Be sure to discuss any relevant health issues during the discussion during the Q & A phase of your personal interview. A “serious health problem” usually includes a pregnancy or a chronic condition such as epilepsy and cancer.

If you do not have the above information, do not give too many details about your disease. For example, if you have cold flu, say so. Do not exaggerate the situation as this could leave a negative impression on your HR department starting to anticipate your absence in the near future. By doing so, you can say goodbye to things like travel, promotions, hikes, and even mature leadership.

Your future employer may interview you. Some may ask you to perform a full medical examination and submit the report when you join. Be brief and summarize the state of health in a few sentences.

Possible answer no. 1:

Sometimes I have trouble distinguishing colors – for example, I cannot see any shades or tones of the same color – but for your information, no adjustment is needed to account for this slight defect, as you can see in my CV ‘It does not affect my ability to do the job.’

Q.10. Have you ever had a conflict with your current/previous boss or teacher?

Possible answer no. 1 HR interview questions and answers:

“Recently, I had a disagreement with one of my professors about an unscheduled issue in one of the semester exams.” It was not a big problem, but I will call it a “conflict.” Most of my friends and colleagues have not tried this question because of the ambiguity when I addressed the case privately, it remained cold and indifferent. My classmates and I had a discussion, in which we visited him together, at which time our professor acknowledged that the question was not clear, but he refused to give us a plea for the same cause I was disappointed because he did not understand the fact that I had previously reported the situation privately, and he did not propose a paper or alternative project to help the students lose the lost marks could catch up. “

Possible answer no. 2:

“I took care of creating our new corporate presentation, flyers, postulants, brochures, and e-mails, and my team had to meet a very tight deadline because everything had to be delivered on time.” I, unfortunately, missed a deadline, and when I approached him in the same way, he started to blame me, I was surprised, but Finally, we decided to talk to our AVP about the importance and the waste of time of this project, and the AVP eventually accepted and hired another graphic designer with other design projects, which reduced the pressure of my team, and then we woke up Our priority later, my designer apologized for the explosion and his behavior. He also thanked me for my help. “

Q.11. What do your friends/employees say?

Possible answer no. 1 HR interview questions and answers:

“I recently completed my internship at Tata Steel Ltd, Tata Centre, Kolkata, my project manager told me that I was a bit lost at first, but by the end of the summer internship program, she knew she could count on me.

Possible answer no. 2:

“Since I love to build close professional relationships with my teammates, most of them have become good friends, we’ve spent eight hours a day, five days a week, for five years, so I’m sure everything they do one thing you will surely mention about me is my love of food! The rest is up to you to discover it.

Q.12. What did you do last year to improve your knowledge?

Possible answer no. 1 HR interview questions and answers:

“I was in my last year of study in 2016. During this time, I did three things to improve my knowledge: 1. I signed up for the Java Certified Programmer course at Aptech, and I will soon take my exam 2. I have subscribed to magazines like Dataquest; these magazines help me to stay well-informed about new topics in the computer world 3. I’ve finished my last-year project based on Java, which was the centralized information schema for remote colleges. “

Possible answer no. 2:

“As a Level 3 or higher Windows / Linux administrator, I’ve mastered my virtualization experience with VMware, KVM, Xen, Hyper-V, and more, and last year made sure I had a better understanding of storage and networking, last month I’ve been supporting PERL scripts and intend to restore Ruby and Python in the next 3 months, I’m also a beginner programmer because I’ve learned C ++, I’ve mastered Boss in my work and provided Amazon AWS to the cloud I also received my RHCE (Red Hat Certified Engineer) license and RHCA target by the end of 2017. “

Note: Remember that certification is the key to getting a job in an IT company. So for passing your HR interview questions and answers round get certified as soon as possible in your basic skills.

Q.13. Explain the difference between group and team. Are you a team player?

Possible answer no. 1 HR interview questions and answers:

“Yes, during my summer internship at Kolkata, my friends and I worked together, our group was a mixed group with different skills and we achieved results that could not have been produced individually, and the communication channels were always open to keep the project up to date I was responsible for my part of the code and the collective implementation of the whole project, working closely with key project members, the key team to keep my performance on track, and in the end, I was able to get there on time and within Deliver budgets. “

Possible answer no. 2:

“Yes, although I currently play a single role, I like to work personally with others, be social and sociable, love to promote and develop team spirit at least once a month, organize team lunches or team celebrations, usually am I’m responsible for the pool fund’s fiancé If there’s no budget in a few months, I’ll make sure I have a takeaway As a senior member of the team, I keep my eyes and ears open to understand the needs of everyone else. Especially my juniors and new students who help each other to focus on what really matters rather than being under irrelevant pressure, and my strong communication skills help me coordinate the various team members and solve other issues. “

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Q.14. What is your business or an ideal workplace?

Possible answer no. 1 HR interview questions and answers:

“My job or my ideal business is fair and appreciates my contributions, including the fresh ones, and encourages me to speak out and share my ideas, a place where I can be myself as I work towards a more ambitious goal.”

Possible answer no. 2:

“My ideal business can be exciting challenges, and opportunities like these will make the most of me because I can use my interests and experiences to grow, I like my current job, because all this with a clean and professional work atmosphere and much more But I’m looking forward to seeing a company that is actively committed to social welfare, and your organization is doing it very well.”

Q.15. Did you ever have to fire someone? How did you feel about it?

This question does not apply to people who are looking for a first job and face a series of questions and answers on personal interviews. You can continue with the next question if you are cooler. In most cases, candidates are interviewed for management positions and leadership positions

Possible answer HR interview questions and answers:

“Yes, I have and I think it’s awful, but I can keep emotions away while I’m at work, the shots arrive at the end of the street, and when I put together a team, I do it very carefully by I take into account the previous comments and the story of the individual team members, but it is not always possible to choose your team, sometimes you have to work with some rotten potatoes and it is important to take them out of the basket to save the rest I tend to discover underperformers within two or three months of joining or joining a new team, so the last time I saw one, I consulted with colleagues and other members of the team, and then had an individual meeting agree with the person and give her several written and verbal warnings over a period of 30 days. I helped him to make a list of work and behavioral goals that I selected after consulting the rest of the team. Finally, I had to dismiss this person because it showed no signs of improvement. This dismissal had a reason and I had no further recourse to my rules.

Q.16. What’s the hardest thing you’ve ever achieved? or What’s the hardest thing you’ve done?

Possible answer no. 1 HR interview questions and answers:

“I’ve never been a great speaker, the very thought of meeting a crowd made me nervous, and when I started studying my best friend told me that I had to cross this roadblock to be successful, last year I took the audacity to speak in public I joined the Debate Club in my college and since then I have participated in several competitions, first stammering, forgetting my lines, dropping the microphone for sweating and even ranting with the judges, However, I kept on going in. Last month, for the first time in a year, I won the third prize, which has greatly boosted my self-esteem and I think this is my biggest achievement yet, even bigger than my AIEEE rank. “

Q.17. How can you distinguish between working hard and working smart?

Possible answer no. 1 HR interview questions and answers:

“Nowadays, every livelihood works hard, including a rickshaw or a daily bet, smart work is what the educated masses like us are supposed to do, and some of us really do, like my father, a balanced combination of hard and intelligent work I have friends who study year-round and have 10 more work to do. You do not have a telephone interview in their chat and what do you think is the reason for it? It’s their lack of understanding for smart work all year They worked hard but not smart, they did not prioritize their goals properly, it’s me again, I do not have a paperback book and a good MPC, and I’ll be taking part in this interview today, whatever the outcome may be, me I have the feeling that I am prioritizing my goals and working hard and smart, it is the difference between hard and smart work.

Possible answer no. 2:

“Hard work is doing one-time work with more effort and smart work to do on-time work with less effort; I think that’s the fundamental difference.” In the corporate world, I think a combination of both is usually needed to deliver excellence to achieve. “

Q.18. What do you think of the work on the weekend and on the night shift?

Possible answer no. 1 HR interview questions and answers:

“I’m cooler and have virtually no insight into the business world Back at the university, the weekends were no different for us than the days of the week.” Orders, assignments, and projects had to be submitted on time. “We study the days of the week say that I’m a night person and generally want to learn at night, I have no problem working weekends and evenings, as long as I get enough balance to relax and unwind.”

Possible answer no. 2:

“Sir, my biological clock hears normal shifts of 9 to 6 hours on weekdays. I am not content to work nights and weekends regularly unless there is an urgent delivery or lack of resources in the team, I will Other plans are not good for the mental and physical health of employees, and I hope you understand the same, but if the company needs my presence at night or on weekends to ensure growth and success, then I will work for it. “

Q.19. Where do you see yourself in 3 years? Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Possible answer no. 1:

“My current goal is to find a career position that will ensure continuous growth in new challenges on a daily basis, in 3 years I consider myself an experienced and reliable senior within the team, and in 5 years I’ll probably be ready to perform management tasks like that I want a stable career in an organization and I hope it stays the same wherever I start.”

Possible answer no. 2:

“I see myself in a serious organization, in a strategic position with budget power, good pay and a minimum of interference.”

Q.20. Give an example of the time you had to answer an angry manager/customer/colleague/teacher/friend.

Possible answer no. 1:

“Personally, I do not like conflicts, I do not like people being mean, so I try to avoid conflicts and insults as much as possible, and when that happens, I let my elders or my teachers take care of them not exactly remembering the situation at the moment, but I’ve done that in the past.”

Possible answer no. 2:

“In my previous job, a customer screamed on the phone, I understand that his reaction was completely frustrated, and instead of taking it personally, I tried to calm him down and make sure his concern was well understood, how did I do that? ‘I listened carefully and apologized when it was done, which was a win-win situation for everyone.’

Q.21. How fast are you adapting to new technologies?

Possible answer no. 1:

“I can adapt quickly to new circumstances, as I am clear in my job and mentally ready to take on challenges, I feel that I can learn quickly and apply

my new information.” throughout my student life I had to figure each semester and that I extremely liked it, and that I can love exploitation new technologies in my career. “

Q.22. How would you rate yourself as a leader on a scale of 1 to 10?

The questions and answers from the HR interviews are one way to test you. The HR interviewer can ask you this question to measure your confidence in you.

Possible answer no. 1:

“My leadership skills are rated 8 out of 10. There’s a lot to learn, but I’ve always been a strong leader, I was the head boy/headmistress during my school days, and a senior cadet of the NCC in college I have my certificate completed and received many badges in several NCC camps, and also led the contingent of older boys and girls in Republic Day Camp in 2012. “

Q.23. What makes you angry?

Possible answer no. 1:

“I’m angry when I’m falsely accused of doing something I did not do, and lack of order and discipline irritate me as well, but four years in a youth hostel taught me to deal with other people and deal with them.”

Possible answer no. 2:

“In a team, sometimes some of my colleagues and I work hard to reach a goal, while some people leave their modules incomplete or give up halfway, and at such a moment, this burden is assigned to us as well, the lot that works hard. I do not mind helping my colleagues, but if I’m assigned an extra workload at the 11th hour, I get annoyed, and sometimes, when I know I cannot live up to this new module, I politely decline it to follow him. “

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Q.24. Are you ready to take risks? or do you like experimenting?

Possible answer no. 1:

“It’s always good to venture into new waters and new technologies, I’m a very adaptable person and my diligence helps me find new things quickly, experiencing or taking risks can bring good and bad results, but the practice itself is a rewarding experience, such experiences are generated by experts and I would one day like to become an expert for SMEs or JAVA.”

Possible answer no. 2:

“It’s a good question and a complex question, my answer would be both a no and a yes, personally I like to experiment with new things, but I keep all my past mistakes in mind, before embarking on the experience of a new one, For example, carpentry is my hobby and I like to build small furniture with my new toolbox, my brother’s gift, but with this kit, I never venture into a complete renovation project! What I mean is that baby steps are alright, but I will not suddenly jump off a cliff. “

Q.25. What are your future goals? Tell me about your short and long term goals.

Possible answer no. 1:

“My short-term goal is to join a reputable company like yours, where I can use my knowledge and main strengths through my role, and I want to be valued for my contribution to society in the long term.”

Possible answer no. 2:

“I learned the basics of marketing automation in my first job, which took me two years, and I’m ready to start a more ambitious project, and I want to see myself as a marketing analyst for the next two years, that would be my short-term goal I see myself as an end-to-end strategist for digital marketing or as a long-term manager.”

Q.26. What motivates you?

Possible answer no. 1:

“When I’m preparing a presentation and talking to an audience, I come back with answers in the form of questions and answers, and motivate myself! The whole experience is so exciting.” As a sales representative, I find that contacting my audience is helpful, inspiring and exciting. “

Possible answer no. 2:

“Achieving the set goal within the given timeframe motivates me the most – when I do, I have a sense of accomplishment and accomplishment – if this is associated with a prize, I’m even more motivated.” Overall, I like to take important steps to look back and say, “Yes, it was my success.” Visible results also motivate me. “

Q.27. What are your hobbies? Or what are you passionate about?

Here you can talk about your own passion. This is a frequently asked question in all lists of “HR Interview Questions and Answers”.

Possible answer no. 1:

I’m passionate about painting, I’ve been a painter since the beginning of my childhood, still today I take advanced art classes on weekends, and the whole practice of embellishing a blank canvas with colors relaxes me, it’s my way of relaxing.

Possible answer no. 2:

“I like to cook, I like stirring a new dish or experimenting with a new recipe from time to time, and every weekend my friends come to my house to try a new dish I can write it as a guide for chefs at home, but it has to wait until I have developed and written at least 1000 final recipes.”

Q.28. What are your biggest successes so far?

Possible answer no. 1:

“To become champion with 4 main prizes at the 25th edition of the Zonal Sports Meet is my biggest achievement so far.”

Q.29. What are you most proud of?

Possible answer no. 1:

The day I get my first job in a prestigious company like yours will be my biggest success, and this moment is still waiting. “

Possible answer no. 2:

“I’m very proud to have helped ABC Company set up a successful sales funnel and satisfy over 60,000 highly responsive customers, and even won a Best Artist award and a 100% award for the same price.”

Q.30. What are you still regretting? Or have you regretted it?

Possible answer no. 1:

“I still regret rejecting the job offered to the XYZ Company last year, I have had good experiences in my current organization, but it is good that I refused, otherwise I would not have been promoted and would not become a manager I would not have had the opportunity to interview your esteemed organization today!”

Q.31. How do you react to changes?

Possible answer no. 1:

“I am patient, persistent, practical and always positive, helping me to deal intelligently with change.”

Possible answer no. 2:

“I try to focus on who I am and what I need; it helps me to respond effectively to change.”

Q.32. Do you demand as a boss?

First semester students can ignore this question because they are irrelevant to their line of HR interview questions.

Possible answer no. 1:

“My demands as a boss are never unreal when the workload is very high and the deadlines with my elders are non-negotiable, I become a demanding boss, but as a manager, I always try to help my team members make progress on their individual career path Whenever they encounter problems on the road, I delegate the work to them to make their lives easier while ensuring the project is delivered on time.”

Q.33. Are you an organized person?

Possible answer no. 1:

“Yes, I’m pretty well organized, I keep all my documents, certificates and files labeled and sorted, the labels are designed to get everything I need in seconds, and I have a very clean desk on my computer. “

Possible answer no. 2:

“The organization comes to me, of course, my desk, my files, my software, my clothes, my kitchen, and everything else is always tidy, and I thank my spouse and mother for making that habit a habit”

34. Can you describe your time management skills?

Possible answer no. 1:

“I’ll make a to-do list of schedules and stick to it until a later review of the schedule is announced, so I can do it over time.”

Possible answer no. 2:

“I decide the order of my task list and prioritize the tasks according to the instructions of my elders, trying to do some urgent tasks first, then the rest of the tasks, if the urgent part is unclear, I prefer complicated or time-consuming projects to simpler and smaller projects throughout the process, I continue to adjust and update my elders to ensure that I am on the right track and that my efforts are not in vain.”

Q.35. What’s your absenteeism record like?

This is seldom put to the experts in interview discussions on the questions and answers of the interview with the HR department.

Possible answer no. 1:

“In college, we had an 85% membership rule, and I have been following this rule all the time, and if there are certain rules for the presence of an employee in the company, I will certainly respect them.”

Possible answer no. 2:

“I value punctuality in my personal life, I am absent from work, it is supported by either a prior notification or a valid reason, I am all company rules and staffing policies regarding attendance and vacation, I do not encourage the members of my team to avoid the usual work, I warn the usual absentees and entrust the work also the competent authorities if someone is openly disobedient.”

Q.36. Are you reliable? Or can I entrust you with responsibilities?

Possible answer no. 1:

“Yes, I’m a reliable person, I love to help my friends and family when I have the opportunity, emotional boost or financial help, I’m always on their side.”

Possible answer no. 2:

“Yes, I am also a very reliable person, if I am entrusted with a task, it will be done conscientiously and on time.”

Q.37. What are the three most important things for you in a job?

Possible answer no. 1:

“Honesty, loyalty, and determination to achieve the goals of my team.”

Possible answer no. 2:

“Professionalism, growth and a good work-life balance are important.”

Q.38. What was the hardest decision you had to make?

Possible answer no. 1:

“Choosing engineering and medicine after the 12th was my toughest personal choice, but I think I made the right choice.”

Possible answer no. 2:

“When I was first asked to be a temporary team leader, I still remember missing some important notices from the manager, which delayed our two-week deadlines, it was a great lesson, and I’ve always had the duty ever since to focus on the overview instead of dealing with smaller projects. “

Q.39. If you won a 10-crore lottery, would you still be working?

Possible answer no. 1:

“Yes, I would still work to build my career and as for the lottery, I will buy a huge house for my parents.”

Possible answer no. 2:

“The amount you put in is not huge, considering my wife is a social worker! To keep my existence and the well-being of my family, I would keep working.”

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Q.40. Give me an example of your creativity?

Possible answer no. 1:

“I do not remember exactly, because I want to become a software developer, I always have to be creative, writing code requires not only technical and logical expertise but also great creativity – only then will the solutions developed be flexible and responsive.”

Possible answer no. 2:

“Recently, the company I’m working on has opened a new store, and on an opening day, the air conditioning of the outlet failed, so to reassure all new customers, I immediately had the idea to organize an outdoor sale on the sidewalk! A lifeline because the store was very hot inside, it’s an example of my creativity and creativity when the situation requires it! “

Q.41What makes you happy?

Possible answer no. 1:

“Success makes me happy, I feel happy after fulfilling my mission or achieving my goals Holidaying with my family makes me happy too!

Possible answer no. 2:

“Sport gives me energy and makes me happy, I would say that keeping me working regularly keeps my mind and body healthy, I’m not a workman, but I’m a healthy lifestyle Cardio, I’m feeling busy at work and tend to get better results, taking long walks or weekends on my Royal Enfield Cruise Bike makes me happy too. “

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Q.42. How do you work under pressure? Can you handle the pressure?

Possible answer no. 1:

“During my studies, I worked a lot under pressure and realized that I can work well under pressure and it is the pressure factor that gives me the maximum effectiveness.”

Possible answer no. 2:

“I like working under pressure, getting the most out of myself and helping me grow, learning faster and getting good results on time because I plan to be more organized and tend to be more efficient in my jobs “Pressure situations” often and I am immune to it. “

Q.43. Are you ready to move or travel?

The first semester, do not say “YES!” At once. This will only show your desperation to be a part of society. Answer that carefully. (This is an important tip for the questions and answers in your HR interview).

Possible answer:

“I would definitely consider it, and if the opportunity is reasonable, rewarding and achievable, I do not think to move in or moving in question is a problem for me.”

You need to understand the purpose of this question. Answer correctly as described above.

Q.44. How much do you know about us or our company?

Possible answer no. 1:

“I’m an ABC customer myself, founded by XYZ, who previously worked for and then left their job to start their own business in India and today is one of the fastest-growing companies in India, ready to set new records, it will be more than a privilege to qualify and join such a talented team. “

Possible answer no. 2:

“Your company is one of the fastest-growing IT companies in India, their mission statement and slogan is catchy and very engaging, everyone I know who is part of this organization is excited to be working here I think it will be a good place to play, to show my talent and to be recognized. “

Q.45. How long are you likely to work with us after hiring you?

Possible answer no. 1:

“I’m fresher and nothing can be better for me than starting my career with a reputable company like yours, and if all goes well, I hope for a long stay here as long as the company needs me.”

Possible answer no. 2:

“I believe in long trips, I’ve been to 2 organizations in the past, and my tenures have been in existence for more than 5 years As an experienced IT professional, I’ve done my homework and I think this company is certainly a great work environment and a rewarding one I intend to stay here for a long time, or at least as long as my services are appreciated and needed.”

Q.46. Are you applying for other jobs? Do you still have an offer at hand?

Do not be intimidated by this question and answer to this interview. Depending on your satisfaction, you can be open to the other offer or keep it to yourself. Recruiters usually ask for this to understand your market demand. You also want to know that if they ask you and reach the level of the offer if you have already accepted another one.

Possible answer no. 1:

“Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I negotiate an offer with the staff of a young company. However, there is no documentation that supports the same. So nothing is concrete yet.

Possible answer no. 2:

“Some of my colleagues and I received verbal offers from a company during our internships on campus, and I should receive the official offer letter by email within eight days of my selection, but it’s been more than six months now sent a follow-up e-mail, but the human resources manager I’m writing on is silent, so I’m not sure I’m actually employed, so I came to this interview. “

Possible answer No. 3:

“No, I do not do it.”

Play it safe with this answer as you answer the questions and answers in your HR interview. If you already have an offer letter, keep it secret until the wage negotiation phase. There you can negotiate your salary based on your current plan and the offer letter you have submitted. At this point, you can negotiate with the three organizations (your current organizations, the company that sent the offer letter, and the company you talked to) and then choose the best possible option. In the event that this strategy contradicts your personal theories and beliefs, you can formulate your answer as follows.

Possible answer 4:

“I’ve been talking to ABC for 15 days, but it’s not final yet, I’m interested in working with them, but I’m still not sure.” Do you know anything about ABC Company that you can tell me?

Q.47. Why do you want to work for us or for our company? or why do you want this job

Possible answer no. 1:

“I read an article in the newspaper a few months ago, the news was about the civilian service of your company, I’m not exactly a philanthropist because I’m not rich yet, but doing his part is a big part of my personal Philosophy: When I read this article, I’d moved in. The real excitement came over me when I had this interview, so it’s really good to work in an organization that follows the same philosophies as me, because of my technical skills can be recognized elsewhere, but personal philosophies are just as important. “

Possible answer no. 2:

“Teamwork is what I really believe in. When I saw that there was a vacancy in your organization, I made sure that my application was submitted, and as a team player, I think that working together to achieve a higher goal is a very important thing The engine of success is in the long term, and my engineering and team member skills give me 360-degree job satisfaction. “

Q.48. Do you know someone who works for us?

The purpose of this question on personal interviews and their answering is tricky and most respondents are not responding appropriately today. Your interviewer wants to know if members of your family, friends or acquaintances work for the organization. From a psychological point of view, they want to know if you already have a mentor in the organization. It is therefore advisable to formulate a positive answer while answering your HR interview questions.

Possible answer no. 1:

“I am a good friend of Mr. XYZ’s daughter, who is part of this organization, my friend is not your employee, but he is very connected to this organization and has always encouraged me to apply, so I am here today, the more I know about this company, the more I wanted to be a part of it. “

Possible answer no. 2:

“I am a friend of XYZ, which is part of your finance department, but our friendship was not the main reason why I applied here, and I know how to separate my professional life from my private life, which has a solid reputation I have always paid attention to your brand and I am firmly convinced that I can use my skills and expertise to grow my team and organization.”

Q.49. Why should we hire you? or Why should I hire you?

Most recruits might consider this a difficult question. Remember, this is not a kind of blow to your ego, but a stress test that you can take gently with a powerful response. Below is your perfect answer, which you can use in your discussion of the HR interview questions and answers.

Possible answer # 1:

“Sir / Madam, I have all the qualifications and skills required. I can do the job that the profile requires me to do. In addition, I have the ability to deliver exceptional results. I can blend in with mixed cultures and I will integrate perfectly, which will make me a great addition to the team. For freshness, I have the right amount of exposure in this industry, because I have completed my internship with the company XYZ only recently. Hiring will be of great added value to your workforce as the organization will continue to win, with me around. “

Sell ​​your interviewer on you and close the deal on the job of your dreams while discussing HR interview questions and answers! To do this, you need to stay prepared with a summary of the best reasons why they should select you. If you think you are the winning candidate, you must prove that you are more than qualified.

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Q.50. what are your salary expectations?

Possible answer # 1:

“My salary expectations are in line with current industry standards, based on my experience and qualifications.”

Possible answer # 2:

“Thank you, Madam / Sir, once my responsibilities are clearly defined, I can give you an exact figure. Right now, I would like to know what my potential manager expects from this position, in your organization. After this discussion, we may both be able to reach a conclusion on my future compensation. “

Possible answer 3:

“Sir / Madam, I am sure that your company already pays a specific package to a person occupying a similar position. Therefore, I would like to know your budget, if you don’t mind. Therefore, I can express my expectations. “


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