Employee Verification

We at Eminence offer exhaustive background screening arrangements empowered by cutting-edge technology and most significant databases searches to make a relationship of trust for associations to recruit and lead a talent resource with assurance.

Eminence offers a comprehensive range of Background Checks, including Employment Verification, Professional Reference Check, Criminal Record Check, Comprehensive Court Record Check, Address Verification, Academic Record Check, Global Risk Database, Financial Credit, Aadhaar Verification, Proof Check, and Drug Test.

We offer customized verification services as per the need of our clients. Employee Background checks is one of the most critical steps that every organization now a day opts for before bringing the resource onboard. The companies should do this to avoid any mitigate risk, create a safe work environment, prevent fraud, and establish trust & protect company brand value and profitability.

We at Eminence are a pro in screening candidates at all levels. We offer verification for senior management, full-time employees, and part-time employees. Our team is very well adopted in conducting Background verification.

All workers have similar access to the workplace premises, resources, and delicate data and thus, represent a noteworthy hazard in an Organization. This is why every organization must consider Employee verification.

Eminence is one of the leading Employee Verification Service providers. Contact us to avail of our services.